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Tracks Factors Affecting Pest Efforts

No other system compares to what the U-Trap-It* System accomplishes. It is the most widely-used system used in the U.S., protecting over 70% of what we consume. The U-Trap-It System is far more capable than merely a barcode monitoring system used to record the date of pest control device inspections. To start, it gives the user the ability to capture greater detail than would be possible by any other means. An important example is that the System also captures sanitation and maintenance issues while inspecting service locations. These are issues that could be jeopardizing pest management efforts. It could be an issue such as a product or ingredient spill not being cleaned up which is now attracting pests and jeopardizing pest management efforts. The System then goes further to track the status of these issues to assure that corrective actions are taken for them to be properly resolved. It even has an escalation system for these issues to remind personnel of their status. Additionally, the System has user customizable Alerts which provide notice to the user if an adverse condition is found which exceeds a specified threshold (such as a mouse being recorded) or an environmental condition is observed that requires further action (such as a broken window).

Intelligence System for Pest Management

Benefits of using the U-Trap-It* System for Pest Management are numerous:

    Through the Intelligence that the System collects and analyzes pest management efforts are efficiently targeted:

    • Engages the pest technician in a process which ensures the highest level of service.
    • Allows for the elimination of devices which have been ineffectively placed by traditional procedures. Intelligence using historical data is now being used to target the placement of devices where pests are actually present thus eliminating wasted time monitoring devices which are not properly placed.
    • Cuts the cost of pesticides and labor. Users tell us that after implementing the U-Trap-It System they have cut 80% of their pesticide use.
    • Provides the ultimate level of pest protection.
    • Eliminates indiscriminate use of pesticides.
    • The environment is cleaner and safer.
        • The System enables the user to use the greenest of Green Pest Management Programs while providing the ultimate level of pest protection.
        • It makes an Integrated Pest Management program commercially feasible and far more proactive.
        • The Pest Environmental Data (PED) that the U-Trap-It System so easily gathers and analyzes during normal servicing helps the user proactively approach pest management.
        • Provides for the utmost protection for food processing, farm operations such as poultry, pharmaceutical, health care, distribution, lodging facilities, or any other pest-sensitive environment.
        • Provides a uniform data collection system for the entire organization.
          • Both "in-house" and contract service providers can use the same system.
          • Easily implemented throughout any company wherever their facilities are located worldwide.
          • For added product integrity the System can even be expanded further to cover your supply chain, many suppliers are already using the U-Trap-It System. Some companies require its use at their facilities.

        Learning Points From the Largest U.S. Food Recall

        Food Safety Begins With Pest Management

        Food contamination events such as the Peanut Corporation of America food recall in 2009, underscore the consequences of dismissing the importance of pest management. Pests are the very basic threat to human health and product quality. They carry and spread hundreds of diseases and destroy billions of dollars worth of products each year. Events such as these can be avoided with just a little effort.