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IPM - Green Pest Management

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Managing an organic certfied facility? This is the system for you.

The goal of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to replace most of the use of pesticides by the eliminating factors contributing to pest activity.

Intelligent Pest Prevention is the step up from IPM. By utilizing the user's knowledge of the pest's behavioral and biological characteristics along with the U-Trap-It System's analytical information about the facility's pest environment results in a facility in which pesticides can be nearly be eliminated. Should there be a need for an application, a safer product can often be utilized.

There are many drawbacks to using traditional data methods to implement IPM. The most prominent is that an IPM approach can be commercially unfeasible due to the expense of collecting, managing, and maintaining the amount of information needed to utilize a true IPM approach. IPM can also mean a low level of pests are going to be present in the facility because IPM is a reactionary pest management approach. Reactionary Pest Management may not be acceptable in some situations where even a single pest may be unacceptable. Due primarily to the overwhelming requirements of using traditional means of data management most pest service providers are unable to truly provide IPM.

Traditionally a punch card method has been used to service pest control devices and collect pest activity information in facilities to attempt an IPM approach. This method entails having a pest management technician periodically inspect the pest control devices and write or punch a date on a card contained inside or near the device. It is easy for most to see how verification of inspection using this method could be circumvented. The technician would then take notes on a clipboard noting any inspection observations. The written notes of inspections sometimes were transferred into programs such as Excel spreadsheets to analyze the pest activity. Meaningful historical analysis is nearly impossible and administratively would be very time consuming. To meet the demand and requirements for a high level of product integrity and quality the "punch card" method is now unacceptable.

The U-Trap-It System eliminates the antiquated "punch card" approach to servicing devices. It also eliminates the time-consuming handwritten notes, notes which are also difficult to decipher by others.

The U-Trap-It System uses barcodes inside the pest control devices which are read by a Pocket PC to verify servicing the device. The U-Trap-It System application on the Pocket PC uses a proprietary method to easily record the technician's observations and record other information during the servicing of each of the pest control devices. The System also collects and tracks issues which may be adversely impacting pest management efforts. These could be sanitation and maintenance issues like a broken window or a product spill. The System goes even further to make sure that corrective actions are taken to ensure that those issues are resolved.

The information collected by the U-Trap-It System on the handheld is far more detailed then would be possible by any other means of collection. And, over sixteen years of use and development have made this application very user friendly.

This information is then transferred from the handheld to the U-Trap-It Pest Management System where it is analyzed and also stored for historical use. The U-Trap-It System automatically analyzes the information and can warn the user if issues are developing which need attention. The System can also create reports, dynamic spatial floor plans, street maps, and graphs. This is the basic process of the U-Trap-It System but how the System implements the process the key to the System's success and why it is used worldwide.

The U-Trap-It System can be implemented throughout any company where ever their facilities are located throughout the world because the System can be used by both "in-house" and contract pest service providers. This creates a uniform, standardized data collection system for the entire organization. To further ensure product integrity the System even can be utilized down the supply chain.

The U-Trap-It System takes the user beyond Integrated Pest Management and its drawbacks. The U-Trap-It System raises the level of pest management by providing a means to proactively address pest issues. This level of pest management is called Intelligent Pest Prevention. No other method or system comes close to all that the U-Trap-It System provides in attaining this ultimate level of protection from pests. Use of the U-Trap-It System provides the cleanest and safest environment for pest-sensitive facilities where patients are being treated, people are residing, and our food and other products are being produced. The U-Trap-It System is the Strategic Intelligence System for industrial and municipal pest management which enables the user to provide the greenest of Green Pest Management Programs.