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The U-Trap-It System is the system of choice for managing pests in environments where pests cannot be tolerated. These include all Industrial (food, pharmaceutical, etc.), Municipal (i.e. rodent control), Agricultural (poultry, grain facilities, etc.), and Lodging facilities.

PMP U-Trap-It Pricing as of 5/1/2023 or on Renewal

One-Time System Setup Fee No Charge

Minimum Annual Service Fee*

Custom Programming $150.00/hr

*Five accounts, each with 200 Service Locations, could be serviced without exceeding the Minimum Annual Fee. Additional accounts exceeding the minimum Annual Service Fee would be charged as follows - the first 125 Service Locations at an additional Service Account would be charged at $1.65/Service Location and any exceeding 125 would be charged at $0.42/Service Location. This is an annual fee for the Service Account.  Inactive locations will be invoiced at $0.17/Location annually.

Payment options: Annual or Monthly.

In addition to the above your service fee includes:



Obligations of In-Quiz-It Software (IQSI).  IQSI shall provide technical support and assistance to END USER for technical issues related to the U-Trap-It System that END USER is unable to resolve, pursuant to the following.

Maintenance and Support.  Annual Maintenance and Support Fees include Updates of the U-Trap-It System, and any Upgrades for which IQSI does not charge an additional fee.  These services shall continue in full force and effect so long as END USER is entitled to utilize the U-Trap-It System and for so long as the U-Trap-It System is being supported by IQSI, provided that END USER pays all applicable Maintenance and Support Fees.  IQSI will support the current version of the U-Trap-It System and the immediate prior release, and shall notify END USER in writing at least six (6) months in advance of the date in which support will no longer be available for a particular release.  Each new release of the U-Trap-It System shall be deemed written notice of IQSI's intention to terminate support for the earliest release currently being supported, unless IQSI specifically agrees otherwise in writing with respect to a specific earlier release. 

Initiation of Support.  END USER shall provide its initial report of an issue via email to, by utilizing the support ticket system on the dashboard of your account. Further communication shall be via telephone, email or fax, as appropriate, and shall reference the unique case at hand.  END USER shall provide IQSI with sufficient information for reproduction of problems.  IQSI support hours for the product line are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. U.S. Pacific Standard Time Monday though Friday. IQSI support hours exclude U.S. federal holidays.  Support is defined as providing solutions to reported problems and issues as per the following priorities:


Service Level and Coverage

Critical Problem:

One or more of the following situations apply to deployed applications in a run-time environment, for which no work-around is available:

  • System is unusable
  • System crashes under normal use
  • Normal use causes data corruption

Response within 4 business hours of the call or email if received within normal support business hours.

Account Credit:  Credits will be computed based on avg daily rate times the number of days minus 48hrs. (example: No service for 5days, avg daily rate times 3days).  Credits will be applied to next future invoice.  Credits are for website service usage only.  Credits do not apply to materials purchased or other contracted services.

Major Problem:

A major part of the overall functionality of the system is unavailable in a run-time environment, for which no work-around exists that is guaranteed to work in future releases.

Response within 6 business hours of the call or email if received within normal support business hours.

Minor Problem:

Technical questions impacting the progress of a development project.  An available work-around is acceptable.

Response within 2 business days of the call being received.

Information/Enhancement Request:

Questions, low priority requests for information, reporting of inconsistencies between product documentation and requesting enhancements.

Response within 3 business days of the email being received.