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U-Trap-It Notebook  (Log Book) 4/1/2020

The U-Trap-It System has utilized OneNote as an alternative to the paper version Log Book required in critically pest-sensitive facilities for over six years. U-Trap-It's new electronic Notebook is even easier to view and maintain. To access it, users just log into their U-Trap-It account using any browser, thus eliminating the need to install other software or create an account with an external source.  Alternatively, you can download our My Notebook app to store your Notebook on your local computer and view the documents without an internet connection.

Technology should make your efforts easier and that's what U-Trap-It is all about. For users utilizing the tablet, Service Reports are automatically filed into the Service Reports tab of their Notebook. Users can further build their account's Notebook by automating the insertion of any report from the vast array of reports and graphs available into user customizable tabs in their Notebook. For example, a product application report can go into the Product Applications tab and trending graphs into the Trending tab. Additional items such as contracts, labels, SDS, insurance certificates, applicator licenses, floor plans, applicator licenses, and more can be uploaded into their appropriate tabs by the user.

Additionally, we have created an application "My Notebook" which stores and displays the account Notebook without requiring any Internet connection. This download is available to all users.

The new Notebook is an additional tool all U-Trap-It System Service Accounts can use to streamline their effort to manage pests and conditions conducive to pest activity. The U-Trap-It System is the only system designed specifically to manage the complex pest environment in food processing, commercial, and industrial facilities. The System has helped thousands of facilities make enormous improvements in their pest management efforts.

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