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Who We Are .... What We Do

In-Quiz-It Software has been developing software system solutions for use in critically-sensitive settings such as residential and commercial properties, industrial facilities, and for use in municipal pest management and vector control since 1994. We were the first to introduce bar coding technology for the purposes of service tracking to the U.S. industrial pest management industry. That introduction resulted in setting the standards of use for bar coding in PPM service tracking. Our management systems are used by either in-house staff or by pest management service providers at nearly all of the Food Processing's Top 100 companies and likewise in many other industries where patients are being treated, people are residing, and the World's food and other products are being produced. The U-Trap-It* System is now used in more than 16 countries around the world.

The primary goals of the U-Trap-It Management System are to enable pest management service providers to:

1) Provide the best pest protection possible by giving the user the information to gain an in-depth understanding of the pest environment they are managing. The information provided from analysis of inspections captured by the U-Trap-It System enables the user to conduct a proactive pest management program (Integrated Pest Prevention) rather than be forced into risky reactionary pest activity responses.

2) Manage pests with the greenest of Green Pest Management approaches by utilizing Strategic Intelligence to stop pests before they gain access and if they do gain access to eliminate unnecessary or indiscriminant pesticide uses by targeting the effort to where it will be most effective. Users report that their use of the U-Trap-It System helps them attain a much higher level of pest control while using 80% less pesticides.

3) Provide the most user friendly pest management tool which will allow U-Trap-It users to easily comply with regulatory and auditing requirements.

4) Provide a means to work with their customers or other facility departments in a synergistic, team effort to conquer tough industrial environment pest issues.

We take pride in knowing we make the World safer for millions of people by assisting pest management providers' efforts in protecting people, the World's food supply, and many of the most important buildings and industries from pests and the consequences of their presence.

How our System accomplishes all this is why it is so successful with our customers.

The U-Trap-It System is an essential tool for all professional pest management efforts
"When and Where Pest Management Matters".