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Food and Product Safety


"Food Safety Begins With Pest Management .....
Food Safety Begins with the U-Trap-It Pest Management System"

The U-Trap-It System is specifically designed for the industrial pest management environment. Over 70% of what you consume is either produced in a facility that uses the U-Trap-It System or the ingredients used to produce the product were produced in a facility using the U-Trap-It System. There isn't another system which easily collects and analyzes the depth of information that the U-Trap-It System manages. Why would you want to use any other system?

Examples of companies not taking proper precautions to prevent pest issues are routinely found in the news. A significant past example was the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) event that killed 9 people and sickened thousands more. That company is responsible for the largest food recall in U.S. history. PCA's product caused the contamination of thousands of other products resulting in the recall of all those products. PCA went into bankruptcy leaving the cost of the event to its customers. Beyond the deaths and illnesses caused by this event, it impacted the reputation of all companies involved. It severely tainted the reputation of the entire food industry and it was the stimulus for the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Pest Management is the most basic of requirements for producing safe, quality products but is often taken for granted. Events such as the one mentioned prove the importance of pest prevention and use of a system designed to prevent pest activity. The U-Trap-It System methodically engages the pest technician in the pest management process resulting in proactive pest management. It helps to assure the highest level of service is being performed. Analytical tools built into the system are designed to help detect pest trends, determine the origin of pest activity, and eliminate any existing pest activity. Several analytical tools are specifically designed to target stored product pest activity. For all food processors including poultry, produce, grain, bakeries, and spice companies this makes the U-Trap-It System invaluable in their effort to produce safe, quality products. Use of the system results in higher quality products that are safer to consume.

With over twenty years of world-wide use, the easy-to-use U-Trap-It Pest Management System provides a very efficient method to collect information and manage a pest activity. One of the most important benefits of using the U-Trap-It System is that it takes Integrated Pest Management to the next level. That level is Intelligence Pest Prevention (IPP) which is stopping pest invasions before they occur. To achieve that level, a higher understanding of the production/storage environment and pest activity is required. The U-Trap-It System provides that information.