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One of the new requirements under HARPC is to conduct periodic pest risk assessments which evaluate a facility's cultural practices and its physical environment in regard to the risk for pest activity. This report can be a time consuming task to perform, especially when using conventional means. In-Quiz-It Software, the makers of the World's leading food facility pest management system, the U-Trap-It* System, has created a new management tool which helps PMPs quickly create comprehensive and professional pest-risk hazard analyses in the shortest amount of time. These assessments can also be performed as a "foot-in-the-door" first step to show your professionalism and knowledge when working with new potential customers.

  • Templates for Warehousing, Non-Food Production, Food Production and other types of Facilities

  • Over 600 ready to use paragraphs

  • Over 70 recommendations

  • Wizard driven assessment creation

  • Unlimited assessments for each Site

  • Inspector checklists

  • Create custom paragraphs

  • Modify existing paragraphs

  • Insert Photos

  • Insert PDF files

  • Insert U-Trap-It Reports

Through the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the food industry has become more focused on prevention and continuous improvement during the last decade. Now the U.S. government has gotten more involved by passing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which, according to their website, aims to ensure that the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contaminations to preventing the contaminations before they occur. To comply with the new programs such as HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls), Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) and food processors must adapt. The first step in preventing pest issues is performing a facility Hazard Analysis to ascertain the site's risks for pest activity. While necessary and beneficial, writing the report is very time consuming and difficult. Additionally, it's challenging to create a standardized approach and format for all inspectors to follow across an organization to complete this report.

Assessment Pro provides an easy-to-use solution for the inspector to methodically identify the key pest risks for the site and to create a Facility Pest Risk Assessment report. A wizard guides the user through the common observations which have ready-made paragraphs already available for selection, or which can easily be customized. Simply select the applicable paragraph and it will be included in the report. If it's not quite right for your situation, you can easily change it, add to it, or make your own custom paragraphs to fit your needs. You can also insert photos, trend reports or other pertinent information. In a few short minutes, the report can be printed or emailed right from Assessment Pro. The report is a higher level overview and analysis of overall pest risks found at a site with corrective recommendations. This is an excellent report to show your professionalism and help you gain new customers.

Not only does the Facility Pest Risk Assessment serve as the basis of the facility's Pest Prevention Program, it is designed to facilitate continuous improvement. Assessment Pro includes tools to measure and analyze the site's current risk of pest activity. With this, the user can show the progress being made over time to improve the facility's program. It also includes standardized language for trend analysis, gap analysis, needs analysis, quality audits, and makes recommendations for IPM.